Education and Outreach

Long Island “Be a Good Egg” Outreach and Pledge Drive

Audubon New York  has been hitting the beaches on busy weekends to educate beach-goers about beach-nesting birds and to encourage them to sign a pledge to “share the beach” with nesting birds.  Thousands of beach-goers have already signed the “Be a Good Egg” pledge and we hope to engage thousands more. If you enjoy the beach and want to help protect Long Island’s beach-nesting birds, we encourage you to volunteer for our summer outreach events. Please contact Amanda Pachomski or check out our Audubon New York website for more information.

Long Island Shorebird Migration Volunteers Needed

Maintaining healthy populations of beach-nesting birds requires that we understand and protect these species during all portions of their annual life-cycle: nesting, migrating, and wintering. If you are an experienced birder on Long Island and can identify migratory shorebirds, you can help us track our beach-nesting birds and other shorebirds as they migrate in spring and fall. To get involved or to learn more contact Amanda Pachomski. 

New Jersey Audubon School Programs

New Jersey Audubon’s Nature Center of Cape May continues to work with students in Cape May and Wildwood, New Jersey.  We also started new programs in 2015 in Stone Harbor to connect schools with ongoing restoration efforts to benefit beach nesting and migratory shorebirds at Stone Harbor Point.  Students learn about beach nesting birds and the amazing relationship between the migratory birds and horseshoe crabs in the Delaware Bay. Classes participated in birding field trips and had a blast identifying the shorebirds they learned about in class and knowing that they had a real impact helping to protect migratory and nesting birds on the beaches.  Students also developed signs that were posted along the symbolic fences at Stone Harbor Point, asking the beachgoers to share the beach.